Home renovation or remodeling projects can often be quite exciting! Custom kitchen remodels or renovations are among the most popular in home improvement projects. However, many homeowners might feel that when it comes to choices for their custom kitchens, that there is no way for stylish options to truly be functional, or for functional option to be truly stylish. The truth is, the kitchen of your dreams has the ability to have both style and functionality intercept beautifully- giving the absolute best of both worlds.

It is important to remember that when it comes to a kitchen, functionality really is the most important aspect to consider. After all, the kitchen is the space in your home that will be one of the most highly used, and is necessary when it comes to being able to prepare and cook the meals your household will share. To abandon functionality altogether for the sake of total style makes the kitchen simply decorative, and really might defeat the entire purpose of the room.

When it comes to being able to have style be a part of your beautiful and beautifully functional kitchen, you might want to start with the layout of your kitchen’s design, and work from there. For instance, a functional kitchen will have an effective layout for the use of cooking purposes that is known as a “work triangle” This is quite literally a triangle configuration between the stove (for cooking), the sink (for additional food prep purposes, as well as cleaning up), and the refrigerator (where you will store the literal “raw” materials of each meal). So long as you find a way to keep this triangle workspace in mind when you are designing the aspects and details of your kitchen, you really shouldn’t have any problem incorporating beautifully stylish elements and flourishes within the functional design of your kitchen.

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