Kitchen islands have been a popular way to add both versatility, functionality, and a great deal of beauty when it comes to your custom kitchen. When you are considering a custom kitchen renovation or remodel, you may wish to consider the addition of a kitchen island. Kitchen renovations and remodels are one of the most popular home improvement projects, and nearly 70% of renovation or remodel designs request the addition of a kitchen island. There are a number of benefits that can be offered to your kitchen by the installation of a kitchen island.

Kitchen Islands Can Add Contrast

The ability to update the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, aside from the addition of increased functionality, is one of the popular reasons home owners might request a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a versatile option that can work with nearly any design idea you are able to think of. The installation of a kitchen island adds beauty and contrast to your kitchen by providing a centerpiece.

Kitchen Islands Are a Great Storage Solution

For kitchens that might possibly be on the smaller side, storage space always seems to be at a premium in kitchens. The option of a kitchen island is a great way to incorporate additional storage space in the kitchen that is subtle. Instead of having to expand the size of a room to be able to add additional counter space and/or cabinetry, a much more simple solution is a kitchen island that is complete with ample storage space beneath the top of the island.

Kitchen Islands Provide an Additional Surface to Gather Around

The addition of a kitchen island can give a new surface to your kitchen that encourages and invites family and friends to gather around. Not only can the island increase your counter or work space area, it can become a new location where quick meals, such as breakfast, are enjoyed together.

Kitchen islands are a great option to consider for almost every custom kitchen remodel or renovation. Contact Ross Brothers today at 954-361-0770, and see how we can assist you in incorporating a kitchen island feature in your custom kitchen home improvement project.

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