Kitchen Remodeling Boynton Beach

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Expert kitchen remodeling services that are done to perfection at competitive prices are available in Boynton Beach from Ross Brothers. A kitchen that has been personalized to suit your tastes and needs and will serve you with years of use and convenience can be yours quicker and easier than you probably think. If you are considering a kitchen remodeling in Boynton Beach or anywhere else in South Florida, or are looking for a licensed custom remodeling contractor in South Florida, please contact Ross Brothers for more information at 561-320-8160.

The First Steps to Your New Kitchen

It’s easy for couples and businesses to talk about how a kitchen needs to be upgraded or how their current kitchen does not function as it needs to. Instead of talking about it, take some action and contact Ross Brothers for a free idea session to discuss your thoughts about renovating your kitchen. Bring your ideal measurements for the kitchen and your ideas to the conversation and watch as your ideas become a plan for your dream kitchen. Ross Brothers will provide you with computer generated drawings that will show you exactly what your new custom kitchen can look like. Fixtures, colors and all other details will be included providing you with a scaled down model of what your new kitchen will look like. Upon your approval of the plan, your dream will quickly become a reality.
The Renovation Process

When everything is in place to begin the construction process, the Ross Brothers’ team of licensed and insured craftsmen will promptly arrive at the scheduled time to begin the work. The preliminary work begins with the “demolition,” or removing all of the old materials that are about to be replaced. Team members are effective in taking care of removing the older appliances from the kitchen as well. When this has been completed, preparation for the remodeling project is in full-swing as holes in walls receive the right amount of putty and other minor concerns are taken care of such as areas receiving paint. After this, cupboards, shelves and other items are professionally installed. Keep in mind that Ross Brothers takes care of getting all permits that are required by law to ensure that everything is up to code. New appliances are installed and turned on for a brief amount of time to ensure that each unit is working correctly. After the kitchen has been completed, associates go over the plans and the work once more to ensure everything in the remodeling project has been addressed fully. The result is that your Boynton Beach kitchen remodeling dream has come true!

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When Ross Brothers is handling your kitchen remodeling, or other remodeling project you can be assured that you are receiving top quality workmanship and materials from licensed, bonded and insured professionals. 25 years is a long time to remain in business in South Florida. The Ross Brothers general contractor has stood the test of time and we are ready to bring our professional expertise to your next remodeling project. If you are seeking a high end look in remodeling for your home or commercial property at a competitive price, Ross Brothers wants to earn your business. Please call us at 561-320-8160 to discuss your project.