In case you’re contemplating redesigning your kitchen, and need some inspiration for what exactly to do, here are some of the hottest trends that are currently heating up kitchens today.

Hidden Kitchens

The design of kitchens has arrived at a new level of style and integration. It would appear that the trend of finding a way to subtly incorporate the kitchen into the essential living and entertaining areas of the home is allowing homeowners the option to have more flexibility in their lifestyles. Using both concealed and incorporated appliances in the redesign plans allows a kitchen to augment other locations in the home, rather than encroach upon them. It provides clean structural lines, coupled with smooth color palettes that empower the space, and create character that is totally unique without being overwhelming.

Scaling of Elements

Likewise in cutting edge kitchen renovations, the use of shapes, textures, and fixtures are being used to help establish scale, with results that are both useful and quite engaging. The unpredictable texture provided by a pebbled wall; or a marble surface tiled in glass; as well as smart metal materials or pendant shaped lighting hung in a symmetrical manner helps to steer the eye around the room as a whole, and contributes to a feeling of balance in the space. Unique wall treatments, tin roofs and the suggested surface of an affirmed wood grain are all emerging points of interest that are being seen as contributing elements that add balance and order to a beautiful kitchen renovation.

Color with Energy

Strong shades are making an energetic splash in kitchen palettes, with rich blues, purples, greens, and citrus yellow showing up in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere; shades that are oozing with feeling. Energetic wall colors, and wood tones, are significantly reshaping the most inventive of kitchen remodeling projects. Shades from nature are joined with others to create the feeling of movement all through the room.

Softer Geometry

In the more standard kitchen designs; there are characteristically adjusted shapes that can be noticed at the edge of a counter or island; curves over entryways or the stove; and more curved rather than straight lines in light fixtures. The style of softer geometry seems all the more regular in its use in both contemporary and traditional redesigns alike. The presentation of balanced islands and counters makes a smooth stream of the traffic of a room, while a well-placed arch can bring a general softening to contrast with more angled fixtures that are standard in kitchens and bathrooms today.

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