While clean lines and gleaming appliances are normal for kitchens going for that modern look and feel, now and again individuals prefer the look and feel of something more aged. A hot trend in kitchen remodels and renovations are seeing homeowners with Colonial or Spanish-style houses seeking a warm, welcoming kitchen that invites in visitors and flows pleasantly with alternate rooms in their home. Rustic kitchens are becoming more mainstream, and with the right details, can transform the kitchen into one of the more breathtaking rooms in a home.

Consider Exposed Beams

When you first envision a rustic kitchen, you may picture a lodge like space with high roofs and loads of wood all around. One approach to accomplish this look is with the use of exposed beams. In the event that your home already had beams, this can tie in superbly with the aged look you are seeking for your kitchen. You might simply need to add a stain to the beams to upgrade them and have them match the rest of the shades of your kitchen. Beams can likewise be installed into the home by a contractor, without needing to already have exposed beams.

Using Aged Materials

Wooden cupboards, counters and flooring are all normal for this kind of kitchen redesign. Cherry, walnut and other hard woods are prominent finishes, as they’re rich and warm. In any case, the quality of the wood exceeds the importance of the wood’s color. Knotty and recovered or hand-scratched wood that is flawed and porous is perfect for accomplishing the rustic look. This isn’t just an extraordinary decision for the cabinetry; it likewise makes for the ideal counter-top. You might also consider the addition of a butcher block top for a raw and aged look for your new rustic kitchen.

Details in Architecture

An alternate approach to attain the rustic look is with the right elements and details of the architecture. With the appropriate accents, your new kitchen can have a look that is tastefully aged. Included in your kitchen remodel plans ought to be that of turned posts, set on either side of your appliances, to keep up a rustic vibe.

Using Cohesive Design

A rustic kitchen is a bold and striking design statement in your kitchen renovation. All things considered, it may look strange if the rest of the home isn’t sharing a similar look and feel. Stay far away from more modern influences in the rest of your home’s decor, and enliven other rooms in the home with rich paint and accents.

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