When considering your countertop options in a kitchen remodeling project, there are a variety of choices available for the type of material to use. Each available material choice not only helps to shape the look of your kitchen, but each material can add new abilities.

Each different material that is available for countertop choices offers a different benefit to the surface. What your kitchen needs and requires can be a determining factor as to whether or not the material will benefit those needs.


Quartz countertops are scratch resistant, stain resistant, nonporous, and are anti-microbial (which means that it prohibits the growth of bacteria on its surface). Quartz comes pre-sealed, and will never require being re-sealed. Quartz is a great option if you are looking for a surface that is both beautiful and extremely low maintenance.


Granite countertops are a popular choice for many individuals. As little changes in granite from the time it is cut into slabs from quarries and mountains to when it arrives in your kitchen, granite provides an element of natural beauty. Oftentimes, there are natural inconsistencies in granite. These inconsistencies simply add to the element of its natural beauty for some. While granite is a reliable and solid surface, it will require being sealed every few years. Additionally, granite may carry a slightly higher price-tag.


Laminate surfaces seem to be making a comeback as a counter surface option, due to the technological advances that have been made. Laminate is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, making it extremely versatile. There are even options available for laminate that look like stone, which makes it a beautiful option that is available at a fraction of the price of stone.


Despite the fact that it is beautiful, marble countertops simply are not a practical option for most homes. The surface of marble is porous and can easily be stained, and the potential for scratching is high. Additionally, the option of marble tends to be cost prohibitive for many budgets.

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