With their inherently sleek design, and the ability to provide extra storage, kitchen islands are a terrific way to add both versatility and functionality to your kitchen- provided that your kitchen has the space to allow for it. The concept of a kitchen island is one that nearly 7 out of every 10 homeowners will request when they are coming up with a layout for a custom kitchen remodel or renovation project. When it comes to installing a kitchen island in your kitchen, there are a variety of benefits.

Adding Contrast

Not only are kitchen islands highly functional, they can also add contrast to your kitchen, which provides an updated aesthetic. Your kitchen island not only gives you additional surface area, for tasks such as food preparation for mealtimes or a place for the kids to do homework after school, it also creates a centerpiece for your kitchen that can be absolutely beautiful.

Additional Storage

The addition of a kitchen island also provides a great source for some additional (as well as very subtle) storage options. A kitchen island allows for extra cabinet and counter space inside your kitchen, without having to expand the size of your kitchen as well. Underneath the island, you may wish to opt for cabinets that would be ideal for storing some of the larger items in your kitchen, like those of your pots and pans, as well as blenders or mixers and other larger items that you may need easy access to for preparation of your meals.

Creating a New Space to Gather Around

As previously mentioned, installing a kitchen island does more than just provide extra storage and counter space. The addition of an island can take the place of an old kitchen table, allowing the island to be used instead. This particular option, to use the island in lieu of a table, ends up saving space in your kitchen. In fact, an island can be designed to have two levels of height: counter height, and bar height.

A New Place for Appliances

A kitchen island is a great new location for certain appliances in your kitchen, such as the stove, oven, or a dishwasher. A kitchen island with a built in stovetop and/or oven can provide both a fresh look to your kitchen as well as a better workflow when it comes to the preparation of meals.

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