When it comes to designing your custom kitchen, there are so many different options available today. However, there are certain guidelines that should be considered when it comes time to planning out and designing your kitchen. As the first in a four part series, here are 10 rules that you need to keep in mind when it comes to plotting out your kitchen renovation or remodeling project.

  1. Doorways must be at least 32” in width, and not exceed more than 24” in depth.
  2. The “work triangle” in a kitchen should be 26’ or less. No single leg of the triangle should be less than 4’ or more than 9’.
  3. Make sure that the work triangle has no heavy traffic patterns that would need to cross through it.
  4. Keep all cabinet, appliance, and entry doors from interfering with each other.
  5. There should be at least 3’ of clearance from the counter or table to the wall or some other obstruction if there is no traffic that will need to pass behind a seated diner. If there is a walkway or other high-traffic area, the clearance will need to be 5’5”.
  6. The frontage of wall cabinets should be under 144” in a small kitchen (with cabinets that are about 30” high and 12” deep), and about 186” or more in a larger kitchen (with cabinets that are about 30” high and 12” deep).
  7. There should be at least 60” of wall cabinet frontage (30” high and 12” deep) within 72” of the primary sink centerline.
  8. For small kitchens that are under 150 square feet, the base cabinet frontage should be about 156” (making sure that the cabinets are at least 21” deep); in larger kitchens that are greater than 150 square feet, you should have at least 192” of base cabinet frontage (again, ensuring that there is at least 21” of depth).
  9. The frontage of drawers or roll-out shelves should be at least 120” in small kitchens under 150 square feet, and about 165” in larger kitchens more than 150 square feet.
  10. You should have at least 5 storage or organizational options in your kitchen, with each between 15” to 48” above the floor.

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