A significant part of your home’s custom kitchen will definitely be the appliances you choose for it. Not only do you want them to be beautiful and practical, you also want to make sure that they have the most minimal effect on the overall energy costs for your home. That is why you will want to make sure that the appliances you choose will be as energy efficient as possible. Here are some of the top energy efficient appliances you may wish to consider for use in your home’s custom kitchen.


Since they are constantly running, it is important to make sure that the model refrigerator that you choose for your home is making the best use of its energy consumption. Consider going for newer refrigerator models, as they consume about 43 kWh of energy per month, versus older models which can use in excess of 54 kWh in a single month.


Since they will inevitably utilize both electricity to run and hot water to clean your dishes, you want to be doubly sure that the impact in cost they will have (on your energy bill and your water bill) is as low as possible. You can also try to lessen the cost of both these bills by considering hand washing your dishes whenever possible to save on costs, and use an highly efficient dishwasher to get your dishes clean only when truly necessary.


A good quality oven will actually retain the built up heat within it, allowing you to turn your oven off completely a few minutes prior to your food being done cooking. Doing this will allow you to save some on the cost of energy it will take to heat your oven. Also, try to make sure that you use the lowest setting possible to be able to safely cook any particular type of food. Remember, if it takes an hour to bake a cake at 350 degrees, turning it up to 700 is most definitely not going to help it cook in half the time.

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