If you were to sit down and think about your home, and which room in it seems to be the heart of the household, the answer you come up with is more than likely the kitchen. After all, kitchens have long since been considered the gathering place of a household. It is where meals are prepared and often shared, where conversations occur, and where days are planned and where they come to an end. Making the decision to remodel your home’s kitchen in order to design a kitchen that is both beautiful and sustainable is still a popular home improvement project for many home owners.

Making the decision to ensure that your kitchen is sustainable can have a significant impact on reducing your home’s carbon footprint and can also help in reducing the overall cost of energy within your home. Simply by selecting materials that are eco-friendly, such as energy efficient appliances and low-flow faucets, you can help to reduce the use of energy consumed by your kitchen and lower the costs of your utilities. Choosing the right materials can result in the indoor air quality to improve by avoiding materials that use chemicals that can be toxic.

How To Design with Sustainability In Mind

When discussing the design of your kitchen with your contractor, it is important to keep some factors in mind when you are attempting to achieve sustainability.

Size Does Matter

Even though bigger isn’t always better, the size of your kitchen will play an important role in the overall sustainability of your kitchen. Remember, a smaller space typically will require fewer materials for building, and will require less energy to be able to either heat or cool it. You can ensure a small space doesn’t become unnecessarily cramped by choosing a smart layout for your kitchen.

Timeless Is Always In Style

The need for future renovations or redesigns can be minimized or mostly avoided all together by ensuring that the design you choose is something that will be timeless. Choosing styles that are more classic helps prevent the need to constantly update the look of your kitchen. Avocado green and tangerine orange might seem like a good idea today, but how do you really think you’re going to feel about it ten years, five years, or even a year from now?

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