Kitchens are one of the most used rooms of almost any home. Not only are they the place where you will likely spend every day preparing and cooking meals, they also tend to be the social gathering spots of the home. When it comes to planning your custom kitchen remodel or renovation, you may want to incorporate certain elements that ensure that your beautiful new dream kitchen has an appropriate space or spot that still encourages and welcomes the gathering of family and friends alike.

However, there are a lot of things to consider with this particular social focal point you desire. Would your kitchen benefit more from the option of a kitchen island, or would it benefit more from the option of a kitchen bar?

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island definitely does give a space that allows individuals to gather around. It can be a central point in your kitchen where you are able to have people gather around, and you can even lay out snacks and whatnot. Kitchen islands are also a great option to consider for the busy chef, if you tend to cook or even bake quite a bit. The kitchen island option also gives the busy gourmet chef the extra counter space that they might need for food preparation.

Kitchen Bars

Like the kitchen island, a kitchen bar gives a spot where individuals are able to gather in the kitchen. A bar is also quite useful if the guests in your kitchen want to be able to sit down in the kitchen, being able to interact with you while still staying out from underfoot, and being able to eat or drink while meals are being prepared. A kitchen bar is also a great option to have a place to be able to serve meals to your family- or even your guests- in a manner that is quick and easy.

No matter which option would be a better fit for you and the lifestyle of your home and kitchen, make sure to contact Ross Brothers at 954-361-0770 to ensure that your custom kitchen is all you can possibly dream it to be.

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